mercoledì 11 giugno 2014

Bagnaccio - Rules

The site of Bagnaccio is located in a private area managed by the Association for social promotion “Il Bagnaccio”. Within this area, the following rules apply:
  1. Please be respectful and abide by the rules of common decency.
  2. Please use smartphones, cell phones, cameras and video cameras with the utmost discretion. Avoid taking pictures of other people and sharing their photos on social networks.
  3. Rinsing containers at the hot spring or in hot the pools is prohibited.
  4. You need to use the appropriate changing rooms in order to change.
  5. Watch constantly over minors under your supervision, both inside and outside the pools within the site and in the adjacent areas.
  6. Use your flip-flops when moving around the pools.
  7. Smoking is prohibited inside the pools.
  8. While in the pools or before diving into them, the use of sunscreens and shampoos is forbidden.
  9. No eating is allowed inside the pools
  10. Pedicure is not permitted inside the pools.
  11. Glass bottles are not allowed within the site area.
  12. It is compulsory to discharge wastes in special containers, if possible, in separate waste collection.
  13. It is forbidden to spit or carry out physiological needs inside the pools, within the site or in the surrounding areas. Use the appropriate chemical toilets.
  14. Dogs are banned from all the site area and it is forbidden to leave them locked in cars in the parking lot.
  15. Lighting of fires is forbidden within the site area and in the adjacent areas.
  16. It is absolutely forbidden for the campers to leave sewage or empty their waste, both in the parking lot and in the adjacent areas.
  17. In case of a thunderstorm, it is required to leave immediately the pools.
  18. It is absolutely forbidden to tamper with culverts, locks, valves, caps and dampers. Only the association’s staff is allowed to adjust water temperature.
  19. Camping vans can stay parked no more than three days. After this period, it is mandatory to empty the septic tanks at equipped centers in Viterbo (area Pietrare/Police Headquarters) and/or in Montefiascone (near the Cantina Sociale). It is absolutely forbidden to empty the tanks at the Bagnaccio parking lot.
The staff is authorized to withdraw membership cards from the fellow members who will violate the rules of this regulation, use the facility and the equipment provided improperly or embark on a behavior that is detrimental to the quietness, safety and civil use of the site managed by the Association “Il Bagnaccio”.
Viterbo, 21/02/2014 
       The President